Recurrent cystitis:  "I went to see Sandra for treatment as I had been suffering with recurrent cystitis for a few years, and found myself having to use antibiotics more and more often, with little effect. Sandra was wonderful. She is compassionate, professional, and very knowledgeable. Since my treatment I have had no symptoms (something my health professionals had told me was very unlikely), and I am beginning to enjoy things I had thought were no longer possible. Thank you Sandra!"  CS

Migraine headaches:  "I am a man in my forties & have been having acupuncture with Sandra for over two years, which has helped to greatly reduce the frequency and intensity of long standing migraine headaches. Sandra is a good listener and she can be very insightful. I have  always found her treatments to be effective, professional, relaxing and up-lifting. I have recommended her to other people who have also been pleased with her approach and results. Her needling is comfortable and she sometimes supplements the acupuncture with Reiki or Massage."
                                                                                                                   RDG, Acupuncturist
Persistent Headaches: 
"I have been receiving treatment from Sandra for a number of complaints, ranging from persistent headaches to palpitations and aching limbs, sinusitis and neuralgia, chest infection and cold feet as well as stress and emotional distress. There has been a significant improvement in my general health and well-being although my cold feet are rather resistant to change. Sandra practises acupuncture and reiki with a gentle touch, sharing her impressive knowledge of Chinese medicine and her wisdom concerning life in general generously and compassionately. I have felt at all times that I am a whole human being receiving care from a gifted, sensitive and understanding practitioner"                                                       Ruth, 68, Bristol                                                                                                                                                              
Sprained ligament:  
"I have consulted Sandra professionally on numerous occasions, most recently for a very painful sprained leg ligament. My GP prescribed me anti-inflammatories which took away most of the pain but the leg was still feeling weak and sore. Following one acupuncture session with Sandra, my leg felt strong and flexible once again, and the problem did not reoccur. I have found Sandra's acupuncture sessions invaluable for muscular pain, back pain and relaxation. She takes the time to really listen, asks a wealth of questions and follows through every week. I had never consulted an acupuncturist before seeing Sandra and she has
completely converted me to it!"                                                                                      CF, 34

Chronic back pain  from back injury and pain killer dependence :
“Sandra has been treating me for five years for chronic lower back pain caused by a childhood injury. She is a very gifted, and attentive therapist and a wonderfully kind and caring person. The diagnosis and treatments have always been very accurate and have helped reduce my back pain and enabled me to reduce my pain killers considerably. The acupuncture and Chinese herbs have also helped me deal with the withdrawal symptoms from heavy-duty pain killers, and cope with stomach problems
resulting from taking tablets long term."                                                
Sarah Williams, age 43
Acute lower back pain: 
"I went to see Sandra for Acupuncture treatment when I was experiencing acute pain in my lower back. I was curious and a little wary about having acupuncture but I found Sandra's approach very calm and her explanations clear. She was thorough and professional with taking my history and I found the treatment itself very relaxing and it turned out to be so effective that my back improved after the one treatment!! I look forward to seeing Sandra for further treatments in the future."                                     Josie, 38, Library assistant

Anxiety , Stress, and low immunity :
"I went to Sandra for treatment when I was experiencing a lot of anxiety and stress, and was feeling terribly run down. I felt very heard and understood on an emotional level, and I was impressed by Sandra's ability to understand all that was going on in my physical body, through her comprehensive diagnosis. I was deeply reassured by Sandra's skill with acupuncture and herbs, and her thoroughness and care. The treatment definitely supported my recovery strengthening my body, immunity and vitality for life. Sandra has genuine commitment and passion for her work."                       Amanda Raine, 40yrs                                                                                                                                    
Stress and Anxiety 
: "When I first met Sandra I was off work with stress and at a low point in my life. She offered me kindness, support and guidance to get me on the road to recovery. Her advice was so valuable to me both mentally and physically and I'm so grateful to her. With her help and the treatment I received I am now feeling much more myself, and getting stronger every day. I can't thank her enough."                                                                                               Claire Cusack

Eating disorders  and IBS :
"I received acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine and Reiki treatments from Sandra for IBS, eating disorders and other emotional problems. I noticed an improvement in my eating habits after a few sessions, also my IBS symptoms started to occur less often and less severely. Continuing these sessions regularly, with Sandra's patient and knowledgeable approach, helped to bring my body into balance and supported my developing a healthier relationship with food."                                                                               MK, 27                     

Digestive problems , dizziness , low energy  and poor sleep : “I have received acupuncture treatment from Sandra for two courses of around 5 - 10 treatments each during two separate periods. The first course of treatment was to help with a range of digestive problems and dizziness, and included Chinese herbal medicine as well as acupuncture. The treatment was very successful in resolving both complaints. I decided to undertake the second course of treatment in order to give my overall health a boost, and specifically to improve my energy levels and quality of sleep which I felt were a bit lacking. This has also proved to be effective. In summary, I have found the specific treatments to be very helpful, not least the therapeutic process. Sandra's treatment has enabled me to reflect more clearly on things that may have been affecting my wellbeing, and Sandra has been able to provide both solutions and the space for me to help myself.”                                                                         Ross, 31, Civil Servant                                                                                                                                

Circulatory problems : “I go to Sandra for acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine following on from having minor strokes and a heart condition some years ago. She has been immensely supportive and has been the source of much good advice in addition to the treatments given. She has a wide knowledge and is both caring and professional in her approach. I would recommend her without reservation."                                                  Ian Bell, 65, Accountant
Cystitis :
“I came to see Sandra when I had a bout of cystitis. In my case this was also related to my life style and emotional state. Sandra gave me very useful advice and thanks to on-going treatments of acupuncture and Chinese herbs the infection cleared without having to use antibiotics.”                                                                                         Y.G. 32, Holistic Therapist
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/M.E 
“I have been getting acupuncture and Chinese herbs for over ten years through various very established Practitioners. I found Sandra just under a year ago and was very impressed with her research and passion for helping people with my condition (CFS/ME). I have never found an acupuncturist/herbalist so passionate and informed on the subject and I trust her completely.  Sandra has a complete understanding of all that goes on mentally as well as physically with my condition and she creates a package that works to include my lifestyle and who I am so that I am at ease within the treatment. She is funny, warm, open, very intuitive and gets to the root of what is going on. My involvement is integral to the treatment so I feel very informed and involved in the whole process. I highly recommend Sandra as a practitioner, I'm immensely
grateful that I have found her. "                                                                                       
Jo, 39

Infertility  due to uterine fibroids :
"I had fibroids removed from the wall of my uterus 6 years ago, but they grew back and became very large. Doctors said it was going to be very difficult for me to get pregnant and, even if I did, I could have problems like miscarriage or a premature baby. I went to see Sandra looking to have treatment for my fertility and she gave me some Chinese Herbs. After I had taken the herbs for 2 or 3 months, I realised I was pregnant!! I carried on seeing Sandra for Chinese herbal treatment throughout my pregnancy... I felt in excellent health all that time and now my life is full of happiness with my 18 month-old daughter running and dancing around all the time. Thank you Sandra!"                   Cinthia, 39, Teacher           

Trigeminal neuralgia  during pregnancy:
"I came to see Sandra for Acupuncture 3 years ago when i was pregnant with my 4th child. I was suffering from trigeminal neuralgia (facial pains) when I sought treatment. I remember I was desperate with pain when I arrived at Sandra's practice for the first time, and that she greated me at her doorstep in such a way that her empatrhy made me feel better straight away. Acupuncture not only helped relieve the pain, but also helped me relax, thus I could manage the pain better. Sandra's clinic was nice and clean, and the environment was calming...I also think she's a lovely person!"              Dian Utami, 39, Nutritionist

Hair loss , polycystic ovaries , and menstrual migraines :
"I was given a diagnosis of polycystic ovarian syndrome last year, after I had been experiencing hair loss for five years and had developed some other symptoms that pointed to a hormonal imbalance. I had many tests that could not find anything conclusive and was given several different drugs that intended to balance my hormones, none of which worked. I was told by one of the country's top polycystic ovaries specialist that I could develop infertility, diabetes, heart failure, high blood pressure, kidney failure, mail hair growth patterns and baldness - a horrifying concept for any woman! A friend then told me that acupuncture had helped her for the same condition and I started to search for a local practitioner. On seeing Sandra for the first time, the sensitivity and care indicated by her website were confirmed as real. After only a few acupuncture sessions my periods, which had been irregular for 3 years, were regulated and  the strong pre-menstrual migraines I had experienced for 10 months also stopped. Sandra has also given me Chinese herbal remedies and now I have new hair growing for the first time in 5 years. Sandra's treatment has also given me a relief from stress which is priceless. She has helped me understand how to treat and respect my body and how to sustain the balance that Chinese medicine promotes. I have had more blood tests and an ultrasound that have now indicated the I have no polycystic ovarian syndrome at all!"                                                                                                                               Rachael,  Master's student