TCM Life-style coaching

Many people have no specific symptoms but know that they could be healthier and enjoy more zest for life. If you are one of these people and would like to improve your level of health and promote a healthier balance in all aspects of your life-style, TCM can help you achive these goals. In fact, Chinese medicine was originally developed thousands of years ago as preventative medicine. This is clearly illustrated in this quote from a classical text

"The sages of antiquity did not treat those who were already sick, but those who were not sick... When a disease has already broken out and is only then treated, would that not be just as late as to wait for thirst before digging a well, or to wait to go into battle before casting weapons?" (Nei Jing)

I am delighted to be able to share the knowledge I have been acquiring over the past 15 years of searching for the best approaches to maintain my own as well as other people's health. I now offers TCM-based health assessments and expert advice that will arm you with all the necessary tools for optimum health
. Depending on your current life-style and health, you may have a one-off session or a whole programme to allow you to introduce changes at your own pace.

Sessions can either be in person or via video call on skype. On each session, you will be provided with insight into the workings of your body and constitution, and together we will find the best for you to achieve physical, mental, and emotional balance. You will given specific advice on diet, exercise, and other life-style choices that will suit your individual constitution and your present circumstances. During the course of your life-style coaching programme, you will also receive ongoing support so that you can confidently take the necessary steps that will allow you to take control of your own well-being and enjoy life to the full.